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Learn how to trade the $5 trillion Foreign Exchange market with simple, high profit strategies to give you more choices in life

Learn How To Trade Foreign Exchange

....did you know over 50 million people around the world are now trading foreign exchange? There is no other business where you can trade yourself from anywhere in the world. No more commuting, no more boss, no more office politics, just you and your laptop anywhere in the world you choose to be....

Have you ever wondered:

  • How 50 million people around the world are trading the $5 trillion foreign exchange market for their income and capital growth needs?
  • What exact strategies they are trading to build their wealth at this very moment in time?
  • Why everyone is joining the foreign exchange revolution....leaving you behind?

Well the first thing to know why other people are making $10,000 a day why you struggle to make $100 a day is to look at what specific steps they have taken..

  1. They all trade with a plan. After all, if you were to setup any type of business without a plan it's doomed for failure before you even get started. In fact trading without a plan is just plain gambling; in which case you're better off going to Vegas as at least you'll get some free drinks! But imagine if you had a trading and business plan that told exactly when to trade, what to trade and how to trade? Imagine how clear, focused and successful you could be?
  2. They have all invested in themselves. The Internet is full of great, free stuff but if you are serious about learning to trade the financial markets at some point you have to commit and put something on the line, otherwise you have no urgency to do anything. Years go by and you wish you committed sooner rather never. But imagine if you didn't need thousands of dollars to get started? You found the right people with the right mission to help and support you? Would that make it easier for you to start today?
  3. They take action rather than hope. Listen, trading the financial markets can be very simple but you need to set your plan and mind right. Those who are consistently making money from the financial markets, day in day out, are focusing on being consistent day in day out as that is what builds wealth. Yes that sounds boring but making money is boring. It is what the money can do for you that is exciting. Imagine if you had the secret techniques multi-millionaire traders and hedge fund managers use to achieve peak performance? How about having the opportunity to learn from such an expert? Would you finally invest in yourself?

Wouldn't it just be great if you just knew what 'really' worked? Well, if you keep on reading you'll find out exactly what the 'secret' is. But the question you have to ask yourself now is, what are you going to do with it?

Are you finally ready to invest in yourself and commit to a better life with more choices?

If not, it may be best you close this page now and go back to googling more free stuff that gets you nowhere apart from frustrated and anxious. Our apologies in being direct but trading can be risky if not done properly so it's important to start the right way, straight away. 

If you are nearly ready to make a positive life changing decision for yourself then we can help....

Learn from the best to be the best....

Natascha Sing is the founder of Trader Prophets; the ultimate destination for anyone seeking an affordable, holistic and result oriented financial markets trading and investing education. An investor, lawyer, entrepreneur and wealth strategist Natascha is considered an authority on achieving peak performance through the financial markets and mastering wealth psychology. She has worked with some of the biggest institutions, financial investment houses and individual traders and investors around the world. With a world renowned team who have trained over 15,000 people over 6 continents, the Trader Prophets cutting edge trading strategies and methods, alongside live training's, workshops and personalised coaching has massively contributed to the rise of the independent, profitable trader beating Wall Street at its own game.

Here is the Trader Prophets secret to achieving trading success in the financial markets...

STEP #1: Belief

Believing in yourself isn't hard but it is if you focus on the past. The past was a learning lesson in not what to do. Now you know what to do just believe in yourself and the process. Take massive action and step outside your comfort zone as it is in the moments of adversity we all truly find ourselves and the success we want. Many of our students struggled with step one but once they committed themselves to action the team at Trader Prophets took care of them throughout the entire journey.

STEP #2: Education

Education is the key to building wealth. Ever noticed how wealthy people have huge library's filled with books whilst broke people have big fat TV's? Find someone or a team that is doing what you want to be doing and learn from them. Our students at Trader Prophets have learnt simple, high profit strategies that they can execute from the comfort of their own home from some of the best traders and investors in the world, with over fifty years collective experience in trading the financial markets.  

STEP #3: Mentor

Finding a mentor is a huge asset in your trading journey. But it doesn't have to be difficult to find one. Trader Prophets has a team of expert traders that act as mentors to our students. They specialise in transforming individuals with zero or little knowledge about the markets to expert traders trading full time for themselves from anywhere in the world.

STEP #4: Support

Tracking your results is the most important part of a traders process. Many times our traders have achieved consistent profits but do not take a step back to recognise that they have achieved their goals. That's why we celebrate with special offers and prizes to our top performing traders! It's amazing how great people trade when there's awesome prizes to be won!

STEP #5: Action

This is your time. We are hosting a live, 2 day, interactive online trading workshop called Ultimate Forex Prophets™. This is your opportunity to build an income and capital growth for yourself and your family and here's the best bit....we are going to make it very easy for you to take part as you'll see further below.

Here is the schedule for your exclusive 2 day, live, online trading programme, Ultimate Forex Prophets™:

In this live, 2 day, online event you will also learn:

  • Simple, high profit strategies you can implement in as little as 30 minutes per day immediately upon graduation including the FX Swinger™ and FX Day Trader Pro™
  • Step by step details on how to find, execute and automate your trades to create more free time for yourself and family
  • Expert strategies that can still make you money even if you are wrong 70% of the time!
  • Risk management techniques so you can minimise your losses but maximise your gains
  • Full, live interaction with the course presenter, trader and mentor
  • This is NOT pre-recorded! It is LIVE!
  • Tune in on your iPhone, Android or Desktop and PARTICIPATE!

Wow. That sounds great but why trade the forex market at all?

  • The foreign exchange market is open 24 hours a day 5 days a week making sure that no matter where you are or how busy you are there are trading opportunities always available
  • You can make money as the market goes up and goes down so you can still earn consistent profits regardless of what is happening in the world
  • The foreign exchange market has a daily turnover of $5 trillion making sure you can easily get in and out of trades within nano-seconds
  • Trading foreign exchange with Trader Prophets also sets you up to potentially triple your returns with our next level stocks, commodities and master trader programmes

If you are serious about trying to make money from the financial markets, earning a consistent return on your capital with unique, cutting edge strategies only available from the professional traders and investors at Trader Prophets then the Ultimate Forex Prophets™ course is for you.

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Sounds good enough right? Well there is more!

On top of all this you will gain access to this month's exclusive bonuses:

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2 Day Live Ultimate Forex Prophets™

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Expert training on over 30 major currency pairs for true global trading opportunities 

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You owe it to yourself to:

  • Join 50 million other traders around the world reaping the benefits of the financial markets
  • Master simple, high profit trading strategies you can use to build income and capital growth
  • Invest in yourself and be the person you dream to be
  • Capitalise on this month's special offer of £697 for a limited time only

"Fabulous course Natascha. Loved the way it was broken down and now I feel comfortable using my broker platform to place my trades. Took all three trades on the second day. Whilst one didn't trigger, the other two did and had one winner and one loser but still net up by +1.5% which is great (the probabilities section was masterful!). Thanks and chat soon!" James Peterson

"Trainer was very very good! I love forex now and will trade the strategy. Thank you" Ly Hoang Diem

"Thank you much for the quality information. I took the trade on day 2 and am very happy I feel I can do this. I am enjoying the next step for more strategies and learnings for income" Mayang bin Nilam

"Love the strategies! Especially the one we trade during the day. Great to have the emails of ideas too as really helps with my learning. Thank you team!" Casper Magnuson

If you're still on the fence then email us as [email protected] to secure this month's special offer!

We'll be happy to answer any questions you may have!




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