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Imagine having access to the playbook of some of the best traders and investment managers in the world? Well now you don't have to, as it is just a few clicks away....

With your exclusive access to the Golden Playbook you can always have your finger on the pulse as our global trading team provide you with fast, effective and concise market analysis across forex, stocks and commodities. 

We do all the hard work so you don't have to. Never again miss out on key developments in the global markets and profit pulling opportunities.


  • *Currency Corner* - keep abreast of all the latest currency trends and market moving news so you can capture the biggest moves on an intraday and swing trading basis
  • *Hedge Fund Investor Alert* - see our in depth company analysis on what Warren Buffett and other investing gurus are looking at using advanced stock trading models directly from some of the biggest hedge funds on the planet
  • *Trader Prophets Global Update* - keep up to date with all the major developments and upcoming game changing market events so you can stay ahead of the curve every time
  • *Institutional Stats & Sentiment* - know the stats of every market you're trading so you can stay on the right side of probability every time. What's hot and what is not? Essential in finding the best place to put your money
  • *Global Themes* - discover the major global themes happening right now so you too can profit from huge moves whether you are trading for the short term or investing for the long term we cover all markets and all timeframes
  • *Recent Plays* - see all the most recent setups so you too can learn how to pick profitable trades for yourself. See the trades direct from the Trader Prophet trading floor
  • *The New Playbook* - see our upcoming Playbook for yourself so you can profit with us and earn whilst you learn
  • *Premium Video* - recieve a members only exclusive video on all the hottest market action our global trading team is looking at throughout the month. This is your chance to get the inside scope
  • **Live Trade Alerts & Ideas via Email** - get access to all the trades taking place on the trading floor direct from our team of veteran traders. That's live forex, stocks and commodity trades straight to your inbox with entry, stop loss and targets for you to learn from

Wow! That sounds great but....there's more!

  • ***Monthly VIP Investor Insight Calls*** ($1,800 value) FREE - this is your chance to interact live with a network of professional traders and investors to see what hot opportunities they are focusing on right now. Once a month login via desktop, Android or iPhone and take part in this group coaching call so you can get the inside scope you will not find anywhere else. Accredited Market Technicians, Professional Money Managers and Proprietary Traders frequently host these calls exclusively for you. YOU WILL NOT FIND THIS ANYWHERE ELSE!

Join us today and have, at your fingertips, the information that counts for just $97/month (save $53/month)

Here is an snippet of one of our Market Research reports: 

Learn from the best to be the best....

Natascha Sing is the founder of Trader Prophets; the ultimate destination for anyone seeking an affordable, holistic and result oriented financial markets trading and investing education. An investor, lawyer, entrepreneur and wealth strategist Natascha is considered an authority on achieving peak performance through the financial markets and mastering wealth psychology. She has worked with some of the biggest institutions, financial investment houses and individual traders and investors around the world. With a world renowned team who have trained over 15,000 people over 6 continents, the Trader Prophets cutting edge trading strategies and methods, alongside live training's, workshops and personalised coaching has massively contributed to the rise of the independent, profitable trader beating Wall Street at its own game.

Here are just a few examples of recent calls sent out directly to our members via email:

If you have no idea what those number means then that is ok! None of our traders had a clue either when they first started; it's just like anything new in life.

However, these recent calls provide clear cut trading ideas sent directly to your inbox that you can use to help educate yourself on how other professional traders look at the market and try to pick out opportunities. 

In the above examples the reward to risk ratio is 3.5:1 for the currency pair USDNOK and 4.6:1 for the US stock Valero Energy. This means that if you were to place a trade using those parameters you would gain 3.5 times, or 4.6 times, whatever you risked on the trade.

If you were risking just $100 per trade then that would be a $350 and $460 profit - in our trading courses we teach you how to risk manage so you know how much you are potentially going to lose on a trade versus how much you could potentially profit.

Trust us, trading profitably is all in the risk management of your trades!. 

So remember if you're interested in doing this for yourself check out your exclusive special offer again:



  • *Currency Corner* 
  • *Hedge Fund Investor Alert* 
  • *Trader Prophets Global Update*
  • *Institutional Stats & Sentiment* 
  • *Global Themes*
  • *Recent Plays*
  • *The New Playbook* 
  • *Premium Video* 
  • **Live Trade Alerts & Ideas via Email** 
  • ***Monthly VIP Investor Insight Calls*** ($1,800 value) FREE 

Join us today and have, at your fingertips, the information that counts for just $97/month (save $53/month)

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We look forward to welcoming you on the other side!

Natascha Sing & The Trader Prophets Team



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