Trader Prophets Library & Courses

  • Learn strategies to trade companies like Amazon, Google or Facebook.
  • Find out how retail traders are trading big commodity markets like Gold, Silver and Oil.
  • Gain expert knowledge on how the market works, how to trade it and how to risk manage properly.
  • Our courses are designed by traders for traders - both new and experienced.

Our courses are launching soon!

Stock Market Mastery

Learn how to trade some of the world's largest public companies that you use everyday. Discover the strategies to trade the likes of Apple, Facebook and Amazon stock.

Currency Trading Masters

Discover why foreign exchange trading is now so popular. Learn how the market works and the strategies used by professional traders to trade the world's biggest market.

Commodity Trader Pro

Learn how the commodity and index markets work to trade the likes of Gold, Silver and Oil. As well as, the Dow Jones 30, S&P 500, Nikkei and FTSE 100 and much, much more.

The Seasonal Trader

Learn the power of seasonality to put the probability in your favour. Certain markets repeat behaviour at certain times of the year, isn't that useful?

Millionaire Mindset Masterclass

Discover the techniques to tap into your peak performance mind to identify quality trading opportunities. Learn the art of journaling and reviewing for greater success. 

Brokers & Charting 101

With a huge amount of brokers and charting packages available, who do you choose? Find out the key criteria in picking the right broker for you and your capital. 


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