10 Trading Terms Every Trader Needs To Know

beginner insight Feb 12, 2017

So you want to be a big hot shot trader? Moving in and out of markets like a seasoned professional, grabbing pips and points in the world's biggest financial markets, as and when you please? Then you better read on as every successful trader in the world lives and swears by the following top ten trading terms. Of course the first step is knowing about it and then implementing it. So, eyes down folks, here we go...

1. The Forex Market

Every trader must know about the forex market as it is the largest market in the world with an average trading volume of $5 trillion per day. It is the go to market for professional and newbie traders alike as it's open twenty four hours a day, five days a week and is highly liquid making it very cheap to trade. This market has made many fortunes and is a must in any traders portfolio.

2. The Commodity Market

The oldest of all the markets is the commodity market and this is the go to market for many professional trading firms and corporations. It is the...

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10 Essential Tips For Successful Investing

insight strategy Jan 23, 2017

Trading and investing into the financial markets has never been more popular. More and more people are starting to see the benefits of taking a little time to, first invest in themselves through a trading and investing education, but also using that knowledge on the financial markets.

Whilst traders may take quicker positions and investor will most likely be holding positions for much longer, perhaps months or even years. So, if you fancy investing into the financial markets successfully, and profit from companies you already know about like Google, Facebook or Microsoft, then these are the ten essential things that an investor must do and know before they start. Let's take a look...

1. What are your goals?

It sounds simple but many people start investing into a trillion dollar market without any type of plan which, let's face it, is essentially a gamble. Whilst it can be very simple to invest profitably for the long term you must define your goals as this will align your...

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Learn The 4Point Trading System™ To Pick High Profit Trades In Any Market

Are you struggling to pick the right trades? Can't seem to get any consistency in results? Then the 4Point Trading System™ can help!

Discover how you can approach the markets in a consistent way every day and on every trade. Not only will this help you to think 'top down' but you'll absorb more information from the market to build your intuition - something the greats like George Soros and Warrren Buffett rely on. 


Why is the 4Point Trading Sytem™ important?

In trading having a PLAN/SYSTEM/METHODOLOGY is hugely important. Without it, forget about achieving consistent results - you just won't. That's because you need consistency when you trade to allow probabilities to work in your favour. Think about it. The market can be quite random. The only part of trading you have control over is what you trade, how you trade and why you trade. 

Turning up everyday and trading the same way not only helps build consistency in results and good habits. It also helps to...

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A Trader's Lesson From Usain Bolt & Steve Jobs

insight psychology Dec 15, 2016

The World Athletics is a phenomenal event; watching athletes who train for four years for that one moment of glory is just astonishing. It is Elite Performance at the very highest level. However, every trader needs to perform at this level on a daily basis. So the question is how do we achieve this? Is it an innate ability? Is it a developed skill?

Some interesting psychology work of Sandra Scarr, was reviewed by Brett Steenberger, a trader and clinical psychologist. What she found was that genotypes shape phenotypes; people with inborn characteristics seek out particular kinds of environments which cultivate those characteristics. Thus, brighter people seek out brighter peers to stimulate their intellectual growth. The less brighter people never seek out such environments so tend to lag behind their more gifted peers. 

As with traders, we see young traders who pick up markets and technical information a little quicker. These individuals tend to get snapped up by asset...

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3 Steps For Financial Success

beginner insight Nov 28, 2016

Wouldn't it be great if we could just buy the one stock or ETF that we can just leave forever, never look at it again until we retire and cash in all the fat profits we've accumulated? Well, you could but the statistics show that's the quickest way to lose a fortune because quite simply you are thinking about your own needs rather than the markets needs. And the market always deserves respect.

The hard truth is that your investment portfolio needs regular maintenance. The most successful investors, whether a profession Fund Manager reading his analysts reports or your simple at home investor scrawling through the Financial Times, carefully monitors their portfolios and adapts to the ever changing habits of the market and economy. They act to survive and you should be doing the same.

3 Steps For Financial Success

The three most common steps for financial success:

Regularly review your finances and portfolio - At the end of each quarter, every six months and the end of every year...

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How To Profit From A Housing Boom; Without Buying A House!

advanced insight Oct 17, 2016

Most developed countries around the world have experienced an increase in house prices, none more so than the UK and Germany. Average homes in London are now £458,000 compared to £301,000 only 5 years ago. As interest rates can only go higher, there is the over looming threat of bankrupting the poor souls who are now over stretching themselves to get on the ladder, as well as sending us back down the vicious cycle into recession.

However, with supply a worrying issue and the ‘fear of missing out’, mentality prices are likely to continue going higher although at more of a gradual rise. We've already seen house price rises slowdown in the past quarter - not that it makes a difference to the average worker in London who needs to find at least £70,000 to have the privilege of getting into debt with a bank for 25 years to finance the rest of their mortgage.

The key question is how should we profit from this and how can we profit from this?

There are many...

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4 Questions To Ask To Find The Root Of Your Trading Problems

It’s a well-known fact that before a physician can begin to treat an illness or ailment, a diagnosis must occur. It’s the same process with engineers dealing with machinery, or mechanics working with cars: if you don’t know what the problem is then you can’t begin to fix it.

The same analogy can be applied to traders, and therefore trading problems. Time and time again traders facing problems will try various solutions without really stopping to assess what problem they’re trying to solve. Even worse, unlike doctors, engineers or mechanics, trading mentors will jump straight to the treatment without pausing for diagnosis.

This post will help anyone facing trading problems to identify what is going wrong, by asking a series of diagnostic questions.


QUESTION #1 Do I actually have a problem?

You probably think that’s a weird question to be asking when you’re experiencing a drawdown and you’re becoming frustrated. But, even if this...

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3 Types Of Profitable Market Analysis

So you want to be a hot shot trader and be amongst the 50 million other traders in the world who consistently make money from the markets? The first thing you need to know if you want trade the forex market, stock market or commodity market successfully is the three types of market analysis that every trader, investor and financier looks at every single day which you should be doing too.

After all, if those guys are using it then every wannabe profitable trader needs to be too. Remember that the people who really know how play this game use a variety of ways to analyse and develop ideas that they then go on to trade. The three most important types of market analysis are:

1.       Fundamental Analysis

2.       Sentiment Analysis

3.       Technical Analysis

Some traders will use all three and some will only use just one or two. It really depends on your experience and what resonates with you as...

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The 3D's For Success: Drive, Determination & Direction

insight psychology Aug 15, 2016

We believe there is one simple way to get ahead in life... use 3D - Drive, Determination and Direction. All feed from each other and need to be all used together. All too often we see people trying to change their lives, they have the right direction but simply just do not have the drive or determination to see their goals through. Similarly, we've seen people with so much drive and determination but no clear direction which just amounts to wasted effort.

Many of our students progress from student to a PAYE job to self-employment and to setting up a business. In almost all cases no one fully utilises the 3D model, probably because they had never heard of it until now! In a 9-5 job you have the drive and determination to succeed but lack the direction as most people aren't passionate about what they do and the direction can also be out of there control. Many students have found that after making the sacrifice of leaving their 'comfort zone' to progress as an independent trader they...

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A Trader's Cognitive Theory & Frustration

insight psychology Jul 02, 2016

Cognitive theory implies that we do no react to events but react to the thinking of those events. For example, when a trader is overcome with frustration, it is not their losses, but their thinking of those losses that generate knee jerk reactions and result in self-criticism and overtrading.

It is a common human reaction to to feel that losing is a sign of weakness; that losing makes you a loser. Therefore, as a trader this may typically lead to us holding onto losing positions, changing our trading strategy and rules or overtrading to make our money back. Ironically, it is these reactions that increase the trader's likelihood of financial losses.

A cognitive approach to overcoming this is to find ways of thinking that make losses non-threatening. One way to do this is to embrace losses and learn from them. By analysing our losses we can turn them into an opportunity to learn. This learning, growing and development approach helps with our self-improvement.

All of our students are...

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