Learn The 4Point Trading System™ To Pick High Profit Trades In Any Market

Are you struggling to pick the right trades? Can't seem to get any consistency in results? Then the 4Point Trading System™ can help!

Discover how you can approach the markets in a consistent way every day and on every trade. Not only will this help you to think 'top down' but you'll absorb more information from the market to build your intuition - something the greats like George Soros and Warrren Buffett rely on. 


Why is the 4Point Trading Sytem™ important?

In trading having a PLAN/SYSTEM/METHODOLOGY is hugely important. Without it, forget about achieving consistent results - you just won't. That's because you need consistency when you trade to allow probabilities to work in your favour. Think about it. The market can be quite random. The only part of trading you have control over is what you trade, how you trade and why you trade. 

Turning up everyday and trading the same way not only helps build consistency in results and good habits. It also helps to build intuition as you are absorbing more, every time you look at the charts. 


What is the 4Point Trading Sytem™?

The 4Point Trading System™ is an exclusive method our team of ex-city traders and Wall Streeters have used to make consistent returns year in year out. Trader Prophets students are also using this very method to achieve financial freedom through the financial markets. 

It's a system that can be used on stocks, foreign exchange, commodities, indices you name it. In fact, it's suitable for any type of trading and investing as it helps the individual structure each and every opportunity to remain objective and focused. 

Are you ready for it? Here it is....



It may look simple but it is also extremely effective. It's the way hedge fund managers and professional traders approach the market and it should be the same for you too. Of course, that is if you want to pick high profit trades with a high probability success day in day out!

Let's analyse the Trader Prophets system in more detail:



The internet is littered with tips on using price action or indicator based strategies. Whilst the techniques are sound, no matter how good a setup is if there is not big institutional money behind it the probability of success is lower and the possibility of a high profit setup is also low. 

The key here is to find out what traders are focusing on right now and what market the institutional money is flowing into or out of. If we have the big dogs behind out trade then the probability of success and potential profit sky rocket higher!

So what can we use for the selection criteria? Well, the aim is to find what markets are strong and which ones are weak. We can use a technical analysis, fundamental analysis, seasonal analysis or a combination of all three. 

For example:

  • Is there any major theme that the market is following right now? Perhaps, a surprise interest rate hike or cut from a central bank? Maybe a pharmaceutical company had a recent life changing drug approved? Or maybe it's an election? Major events can cause long term trends which is what we want!
  • Are there any markets where each individual instrument is showing signs of strength or weakness? For example, are all the Euro currency pairs exhibiting higher highs and higher lows or above their 20 day moving average? If so, it means everyone is buying the Euro currency right now for whatever reason - a long term trend we want to get involved in.
  • Is there a seasonal pattern the market is playing to right now? Seasonality in the markets is very common. Year in year out there are certain months that tend to push higher or lower due to repeated weather patterns or repeated supply and demand pressures. For example, more people use oil and gas in the winter which affects demand which can then affect the price. This could be useful in identifying what is likely to be strong or weak in a certain month. 




The timing is stage is probably the most looked at type of analysis. The internet is littered with how to use price action, indicators, Japanese candlesticks, etc. Supposed 'market gurus' and 'trading schools' wrap these basic techniques up in 'secret' strategies. At the end of the day, the stuff has been around for years!

It's all good stuff but it can't be used just by itself, it must be put into context like the 4Point Trading Sytem™ does. However, each stage is just as important as each other so what kind of things would we be looking for to pick high profit trades using this Trader Prophets system?

Ways to time a trade:

  • Learn a strategy that utilises a breadth of technical analysis
  • Price action trading - Japanese candlestick patterns
  • Moving averages - great for trending markets as you'll have the algos on your side too
  • Support/Resistance levels - horizontal levels, trend lines are all great ways to look for turning points
  • Fibonacci levels - great to use as support and resistance areas
  • Indicators - MACD, RSI, Stochastic, there are a lot!
  • Time frame correlation trading - helps to get into longer term moves on smaller time frames for very high reward to risk trades
  • Cycle theory - understanding where you are in the cycle makes a huge difference to getting the most out of your trade

Even with our trading team's 150 year collective experience we like to keep it SIMPLE. We focus primarily cycle theory, time frame correlation trading, moving averages, support and resistance levels and price action. Day in day out we look at the same thing. Build the right habits and the results will come. 




So, you've picked the right market (hopefully!), you've timed the trade as well as your tools tell you to now it's time to make sure you can achieve a high profit trade with minimal risk. The management part of trading is broken down into 4 areas:

  1. Trade management - will you have a set stop loss and target or will you trail your stop loss to maximise on any gains?
  2. Risk management - how much will you risk on the trade? A fixed % risk per trade or a monetary risk per trade? 
  3. Reward to risk management - if you are targeting a certain price level for your profit is it enough to warrant the risk? Learn probabilities is essential here. Risking 100 to make 100 means you need to be right 60% of the time to turn a small profit. Risking 100 to make 300 means you only need to be right 30% of the time to turn a small profit. Which camp are you in?
  4. Portfolio management - are you over exposed in a certain market? You may have five stock trades on all in the energy sector, what happens if something happened to the energy market? Perhaps you end up having 6 US dollar currency pairs trades on (USDCHF, USDJPY, etc), are you over exposed? Manage the portfolio, it's your life's work!

It's well known within trading circles that if the only thing you ever end up focusing on is how to make more money from your trades, then you're in a pretty good place!




You've finally made it! The last step to the Trader Prophets 4Point Trading Sytem™. If you made it this far then you are definitely within the top 10% of traders who are either making consistent returns right now, or on the cusp of doing so. 

That's because most retail traders would never have made it this far as there are no fancy charts, fancy money making marketing names or promises on 'follow this and be rich' strategies. 

The funny thing is trading is very simple and highly rewarding if you just allow for the learning experience, stick to a consistent plan and constantly REVIEW your process to see where you are going right and where you are going wrong!

This stage is by far the most important.

How can you improve your trading if you don't know where you are going wrong?

Here are a list of questions, as a starting point, that you should be analysing week in week out:

  1. Where did most of your profits come from last week? Strategy, time frame, markets, etc. Try to identify the commonalities. 
  2. Where did most of your losses come from last week? Strategy, time frame, markets, etc. Try to identify the commonalities. 
  3. What specifically will you focus on this week to capitalise on your strengths and minimise, or improve, your weaknesses? When trading becomes more than just chart reading or news following it transforms the individual which improves trading performance.
  4. What were the consequences of not following your rules? How much profit did you make, or lose, through taking a different action than your rules/methodology says so?



So there you have it folks! The Trader Prophets 4Point Trading Sytem™ to pick high profit trades in any market. Ignore it at your own peril!

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