Is the Sugar market getting ready to bounce?

Whilst markets have been a bit range based over the past few weeks, there have been opportunities for those who have focused enough on market internals. These include things like currency strength and weakness, commercial positioning and seasonal biases. 

Below is just one market we are actively watching right now...

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So what's happening with the Sugar market right now?

Apart from trying to stay away from it in our diets, there's a few reasons why it makes our watchlist:

1. We are retesting multi-year low points where buyers may creep in, or at least sellers will stop shorting. 

2. The Sugar market typically finds a strong seasonal rally in April, which is not far away. 

3. Commercials have been heavily buying into this move, as they hedge their exposure to a falling product. They are now reaching extreme levels which could indicate a potential turnaround.

Are we predicting the meteoric move that happening in August 2015? Heck no! We never predict - it's a futile game. All we can say at this moment in time is that there a few reasons why the market could potentially bounce higher at this point. 

A trailing stop loss may help us get a bigger move higher but we must always focus on risk management first and foremost!

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