How we're trading Netflix right now

With over 14 different markets on our watchlist this week spanning US stocks, global currencies and commodities here's a snippet of just 1 stock we're focusing on right now: Netflix.

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So what's happening with Netflix? Well, apart from the new season 2 of The Crown starting here are the levels we are watching:

As you can see there are some major demand levels on the Netflix chart. Currently, we're at the first area for a potential bounce. Within this zone we'll be waiting for our Trend Tracer and Price Booster setups on the Daily and 2 hour charts for an early entry into the move. 

If the market pulls back further we'll be looking for similar setups at the new demand levels. The key to our success is to keep things SIMPLE! We trade specific strategies on the markets with the highest probability of moving - something our students know well due to our 4Point Trading Formula. 

Let's see if Christmas comes early for us in Netflix. If not, there's plenty more on the watchlist!

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