15,000+ International Clients Trained

150 Years Combined Trading Experience

#1 Financial Trading Education Provider

Trader Prophets is the ultimate destination for anyone seeking an affordable, holistic and result oriented financial markets trading and investing education.

Founded in 2008, the company has provided  guidance, education and coaching to over 15,000 people across 6 continents.

Our select team of individuals have over 150 years of combined market experience and are considered leaders in their field. These ex-city traders and Wall Streeters provide our traders with the real inside scope.

We share our cutting edge trading strategies and methods alongside live training's, workshops, webinars and personalised coaching. 

With a focus on global Stock Markets, Foreign Exchange, Indices, Commodities, Cryptocurrencies and Investor Psychology our team have helped give rise to the independent, profitable trader beating Wall Street at its own game.

Natascha Sing | Founder, CEO

Natascha Sing is an investor, lawyer, entrepreneur and wealth strategist. Considered an authority on achieving peak performance through the financial markets and mastering wealth psychology, she has worked with some of the biggest institutions, financial investment houses and individual traders and investors around the world.

Through the birth of Trader Prophets, Natascha has bought together a world renowned team of traders, investors, peak performance psychologists and wealth masters to empower, educate and inspire over 15,000 people over 6 continents through her team's audio, video and live training programs.

With a team of over one hundred and fifty years collective experience in the world's financial markets, Trader Prophets is a global leader in trader education equipping anyone, from any background with the right tools, strategy and plan to achieve success from the markets.

Whether trading Forex, Stocks or Commodities the live online trainings, workshops, coaching and personalised support has been a game changer in taking beginners with zero or little knowledge of the financial markets into confident, successful Master Traders.

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